BIC Plus

BIC Plus contains all Business Identifier Codes (BICs) issued by SWIFT under ISO 9362:2014. It is an indispensable source for efficient payments preparation and repair.

What issues can you resolve with BIC Plus?

  • BIC identification and validation
  • Insight into newly added or deleted BICs
  • Connectivity status on SWIFT network and services
  • Verification of any historic modifications to a BIC or its contact details
  • Facilitation of MiFID reporting, as it helps investment firms to identify trading counterparties in their monthly transaction reports with only active BICs at the time of trading.
  • Look-up of an institution’s name, address and contact details
  • Research of bank holiday, currencies and country data

What can you find in BIC Plus?

  • All BIC-11 codes from ISO-registry (200+ countries), from connected and non-connected financial institutions and corporates, including
    • name and address information
    • the institution’s participation in national and international payment services reachable through FIN (FIN service codes)
    • the institution’s SWIFT user category
    • BIC status on FIN, InterAct and FileAct
  • BIC-related events (suspension, (de)activation, name change...)
  • Historical BIC information
  • ISO country and currency codes
  • Bank holiday information
  • Time zones

In which format can you buy BIC Plus?

  • Online via our BIC Directory Online (updated daily)
  • As a flat file in xml or txt format (with daily and monthly updates)
    • downloadable from our download portal
    • using download automation,
    • delivered to you over FileAct
  • Via APIs, allowing your applications to retrieve individual data or perform the validation and BIC derivation online, without the need to download and store the data at your premises
  • In paper (with quarterly updates)